WATCH: Dr. Oz Says If Reopening Schools Causes 2-3% Death Rate, That Might Be Worth Considering

Each cable news network has tapped a medical expert to help viewers better understand COVID-19. For CNN, that has been Dr. Sanjay Gupta who appears on numerous programs and also participates in town halls. For Fox News, the Doctor has been Mehmet Oz.

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Oz is well known for his show which regularly airs on the Fox Network. His medical advice during the pandemic has largely lined up with what Conservative media people are saying. On Thursday, Oz shocked many viewers by suggesting that schools could reopen, even if that creates a 2-3% mortality rate.

When discussing which facets of society could possibly reopen, Oz focused on schools. The Doctor remarked, “Schools are a very appetizing opportunity. I just saw a nice piece in The Lancet arguing the opening of schools may only cost us 2 to 3%, in terms of total mortality. Any, you know, any life is a life lost, but … that might be a tradeoff some folks would consider.”

Oz has also been a huge proponent of the drug hydroxychloroquine. While the medicine has positive results in some studies, Doctors like Anthony Fauci had been concerned about it being used without clinical trials.

During an April Fox News appearance, Oz said, “It’s not what they worry about, but Dr. Wallace said what was interesting and might catch the attention of the viewer is that in their protocols, they don’t ever mention complications from hydroxychloroquine because they are so uncommon.”

A recent hydroxychloroquine study in Brazil was halted due to severe side effects.

You can watch a clip of Dr. Oz’s comments below:

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