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[WATCH] Dr. Fauci Responds to GOP Threats

[WATCH] Dr. Fauci Responds to GOP Threats

Dr. Anthony Fauci has been a political lightning rod since the early days of the pandemic, respected by the left and villainized by the right. But with the release of a trove of Fauci’s emails this past week, Republicans’ political attacks on the nation’s top government infectious diseases expert have gone into overdrive.

On conservative news channels, President Joe Biden’s pandemic adviser has been baselessly portrayed as a liar who misled the American people about the origins of COVID-19 to protect the Chinese government. There’s no evidence of wrongdoing, but Republican calls for his resignation have grown louder, as have demands for new investigations into the origins of the virus.

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Dr. Fauci’s newly released emails, which span the early days of the pandemic and were obtained by BuzzFeed News and The Washington Post, show no evidence of any kind of coverup about the origin of the virus. Indeed, many of the discussions reflect the science at the time. But Republicans, including the former guy, have seized on the emails as proof of a conspiracy to obscure the source of the virus. Instead of focusing on what matters (getting their constituents vaccinated, telling them the truth), Republicans have chosen to scapegoat Fauci instead of taking any responsibility for what their former leader put the nation through in his final year in office.

While the GOP is busy blaming the messenger, Dr. Fauci remains committed to getting the most accurate information out to the American people as he gets it, with continued support from the Democrats.

Dr. Fauci is now free to appear on MSNBC and speak his mind, which he did on Friday with an appearance on The Rachel Maddow Show. The good doctor spoke about the Bad Actors trying to pin Trump’s failings on him instead of themselves. The projection has been off the charts recently, and will only get worse because Trump is expected to yet again go after Fauci when he returns to the public stage in a speech in North Carolina on Saturday night. He sees the emails as further vindication that he was right about the doctor, according to an adviser who spoke on condition of anonymity to describe private conversations.

“There are a lot of questions that must be answered by Dr. Fauci,” Trump said in a statement this week. “What did Dr. Fauci know about ‘gain of function’ research, and when did he know it?”

Projection much, Former Guy? Bob Woodward called, he has some tapes you might want to listen to. In the meantime, here’s Brookly guy Dr. Fauci telling it like it is.

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