WATCH: Dr. Fauci Lauded the Biden COVID Team to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer

While most Americans have been poring over last week’s election results, the COVID-19 pandemic has only gotten worse. Not only cases, but also hospitalizations and deaths have been rapidly rising. Last week, a total of 23 states set daily case records.

Dr. Fauci not winning
[Photo by KEVIN DIETSCH/AFP via Getty Images]
In his first act of business as president elect, Joe Biden went to work creating a COVID-19 task force. That group had their first press conference today. During an appearance on CNN Monday, Dr. Anthony Fauci lauded the team as both competent and qualified.

The renowned immunologist was asked by Wolf Blitzer, “Let me ask you this about the team the President-Elect is putting together. You know all of these people. What are the choices tell you about how the incoming administration is going to approach this continuing crisis even if there is a vaccine? It’s going to be with us, sadly, for a while.”

The Doctor answered, “Well, they are all established individuals. I mean, obviously, you could not possibly be in the business that I and my colleagues are in without knowing each other. These are people that have been involved in this for years and years. Of course, I know them. I know them well. Anyone who is in the field knows them. That is not a surprise.”

Blitzer pressed, “But you admire them, you think they are qualified and all that, I assume?” Fauci responded, “Yeah. Of course, of course. They are colleagues of mine. They are people that I’ve been dealing with for years and years. Of course, they are qualified. They are qualified colleagues.”


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