WATCH: Dr. Fauci Explains How To Keep Schools Open This Year (Anti-Vaxxers Won’t Like It)

Schools around the United States are beginning to reopen, and for yet another year, COVID-19 is characterizing how that happens. Dr. Anthony Fauci has some advice for parents and schools who want in-person education to continue this year.

[Photo by Greg Nash-Pool/Getty Images]

Parents are showing up at school board meetings with anti-mask signs, screaming and threatening experts who showed up to give health information. Schools are making decisions not only about masks, but about remote options, absence policies, and staff vaccination policies.

Dr. Fauci has already said that schools may find it necessary to require teachers and staff to be vaccinated. Now he’s saying that the key to keeping schools open is to vaccinate teachers, staff, and students who are old enough to be eligible.

“If you want to keep them in school, you’ve really got to do whatever you can to keep them safe,” Fauci advises. “And what that really means, in my mind and the mind of public health officials, is that the first thing you do, is that you surround them with people who are vaccinated. That’s the reason we want the teachers to get vaccinated, the personnel of the school to get vaccinated, and the children who are eligible because of their age to get vaccinated.”

Hospitalization rates seem to suggest that the Delta variant of COVID-19 is more severe in children, compared to the initial waves of the pandemic where some conspiracy theorists even claimed (falsely) that children couldn’t get the virus at all. Pediatricians have expressed concern for patients under 12, for whom the vaccine has not yet been approved.

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