WATCH: Dr. Fauci Diagnoses What Really Ails America

Dr. Anthony Fauci is generally considered the nation’s leading Infectious disease experts and has been arguably the most credible source of solid information during the coronavirus pandemic. But in recent weeks the Trump Administration has tried to keep the doctor off the airwaves, denying news outlets’ requests for interviews. Now we know why. It’s because Fauci’s a scientist.

In an interview that aired Sunday night on the CBS News program “60 Minutes,” Fauci offered his views on a number of topics, including why so many people refuse to follow the mask-wearing and social distancing guidelines that have been proven to limit the spread of the deadly virus.

Asked if he thinks there’s an all-out war on science, Fauci responded, “Oh yeah. I mean, particularly over the last few years. There’s an anti-authority feeling in the world. And science has an air of authority to it. So people who want to push back on authority tend to, as a sidebar, push back on science.”

Meanwhile at about the same time Fauci’s interview was being broadcast, Donald Trump was holding a rally in Carson City, Nev., and debuted a new attack line against Joe Biden, warning that a Biden win will lead to further lockdowns. As if he were playing the role of the anti-Fauci, Trump mockingly said of Biden, “He’ll listen to the scientists — if I listened totally to the scientists, we would right now that would have a country that would be in a massive depression.”

Fauci’s interview touched on a number of other topics. Asked if the White House been controlling when he can speak with the media, Fauci responded, “You know, I think you’d have to be honest and say yes. I certainly have not been allowed to go on many, many, many shows that have asked for me.”

He also said he was “absolutely not” surprised that Trump contracted COVID-19. “When I saw him in a completely precarious situation of crowded, no separation between people, and almost nobody wearing a mask. When I saw that on TV, I said, ‘Oh my goodness. Nothing good can come outta that, that’s gotta be a problem.’ And then sure enough, it turned out to be a superspreader event.”

Fauci also talked about his views on in-person voting, the use of an interview clip with him in a Trump campaign ad and death threats against him and his family.

You can watch the entire interview with Dr. Fauci here, courtesy of CBS:

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