WATCH: Dr. Fauci Destroys GOP Rep. Who Asked a Mocking Question

Dr. Anthony Fauci has long served as America’s voice of reason in the age of the coronavirus. As Republicans have moved to politicize the wearing of facemasks, which Fauci, recommended, people have seen much less of him.

dr anthony fauci says it's not time to ease too much
[Photo by MANDEL NGAN / AFP via Getty Images]
The renowned immunologist, though, will be heard on Tuesday as he’s been called to testify in front of congress. During the proceedings, one GOP congressman tried to accuse Fauci of hypocrisy when it comes to wearing masks. The Doctor, though, was ready for the question and had a quick and sharp retort.

The congressman, David McKinkley of West Virginia, asked Fauci if he regrets not telling people to wear masks earlier. The Doctor replied, “Ok, we’re going to play that game. Let me explain to you what happened back then.”

McKinley cut in, “it should be a yes or no answer.”

“No, there’s more than a yes or no by the tone of your question.” said Fauci. “Let me explain to you what happened. At the time, there was a paucity of equipment that our healthcare providers needed. Who put themselves daily, in harms way, or taking care of people who are ill. We did not want to divert masks and PPE away from them to be used by the people. Now that we have enough, we recommend it.”


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