WATCH: Dr. Fauci Crushes One Trump COVID-19 Claim After Another

In a hearing before a Congressional committee Friday, Dr. Anthony Fauci answered questions from lawmakers. Representative Jamie Raskins used his time to list a series of claims about COVID-19 made by Donald Trump, his administration and surrogates, and other Republican officials. He gave Fauci a chance to respond to each one, debunking one after another.

Dr. Anthony Fauci debunks one Trump claim after another
[Photo by Kevin Dietsch-Pool/Getty Images]

As reported by Raw Story, the clip below shows Representative Jamie Raskins asking the health experts testifying before Congress about the pandemic. He says, “I want to go through some of the propaganda and disinformation quickly, just as a public service announcement.”

Then he addresses a series of claims, including the claim that children are somehow immune or “almost immune” to COVID-19; the repeated Trump claim that the disease will “magically disappear,” or that it will, as some have claimed, disappear after the election; Louie Gohmert’s recent suggestion that he might have gotten the virus by wearing a mask; and whether hydroxychloroquine, or bleach or disinfectant, can be used as a cure or effective treatment for COVID-19.

Though Donald Trump’s own staff said that he finally began to favor a firm response when advisors made him understand that voters in red states are being hit with the pandemic, the initial delays in response are estimated to have cost thousands of lives. In the last portion of Raskins’ questioning in the clip above, Dr. Fauci says that one of the things that negatively affected the pandemic response in the United States is that it wasn’t cohesive, with individual states responding so differently, and that there was really no unified front against the disease.

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