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[Watch] Donny Deutsch Wants Media To Break Its Trump Addiction

[Watch] Donny Deutsch Wants Media To Break Its Trump Addiction

Donald Trump is a voracious consumer of cable news. Since he first glided down the Trump Tower escalator the media has been an equally hungry consumer of Trump. Media guru Donny Deutsch says that after Jan. 20 news outlets need to break their addiction to covering what will be at that time the ex-president.

“Donald Trump’s not going anywhere because he’s a media critter, but enough,” Deutsch said Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “He’s a lame duck. It’s over, he lost. Enough with Donald Trump, he’s done.”

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Deutsch, a former Trump friend, seemed to be shaping his comments as much for an audience of one – the president – as he was for the working press and general public. “We in the media have to be a bit disciplined and not continue to just cover this jerk every time there’s this flatulence. I mean, enough already. He lost, it’s done.

“We are guilty of keeping him front and center all the time,” he added. “Why did he decide to do what he did about the [COVID-19 relief] bill? Who cares at this point? You’re impotent, you’re done, you lost, good-bye – and we the media have to come to grips with that and be [like], great, he’ll be a TV star and be doing what he’s doing. But he’s irrelevant in terms of running this country and making decisions and let’s not forget to understand that.”

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The “Morning Joe” regular predicted that the GOP will quickly move on from Trump after he leaves office and his stranglehold on the Republic Party will begin to loosen, no matter how much he continues to try to draw attention to himself.

You can watch the entire clip here, courtesy of MSNBC and “Morning Joe.”

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