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WATCH: Donald Trump’s Still Talking About How Hard That Dementia Test Was

WATCH: Donald Trump’s Still Talking About How Hard That Dementia Test Was

Donald Trump, during his time in the White House, took a cognitive test designed to seek out symptoms of mental deterioration. Now he wants President Joe Biden to take the same one, and insists that Biden won’t pass it because the questions get really hard after the first three or so.

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Here’s Trump sitting at a meeting with border officials boasting about his skills at passing the cognitive test, and declaring that Biden won’t be able to do it, because, after the part where one has to identify animals such as a lion and giraffe, it gets much harder.

This whole border visit was bizarre, though not more so than usual from Trump. Still, when he shifted to repeat election lies, even Fox News cut away.

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As far as his cognitive test, though, the standard for this is the Montreal Cognitive Assessment. MoCA’s copyright holders officially prohibit reproducing the test in news or media articles (though many copies circulated after Trump’s initial boast) so I won’t include it here, but let’s discuss the actual contents of the test.

Trump says that there are 35 questions on the test, although the standard version that has been circulating has a total of 30 points, with some items (such as drawing a clock) worth more than one point. Regardless, he says the first two or three are easy, including the animal identification. After that comes the section Trump went viral describing as “person, woman, man, camera, tv” — the section that requires one to remember five words.

Sometime after this, Trump expects Biden to struggle — perhaps with the portions that require a person to read off a list of numbers or letters, or the part where one has to identify what day of the week it is, what month and year it is, and where one is taking the test.

Trump isn’t the only one advancing the conspiracy theorist claim that Biden is suffering from dementia and doesn’t know basic information like where he is and what day it is — the former White House doctor who administered the test, Ronny Jackson, who is now a Congressional Republican, has also called for Biden to take the same cognitive test and prove that he’s not suffering mental decline.

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