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WATCH: Donald Trump’s Attorney Says New Congress Can Reinstate Ex-President After Midterms

WATCH: Donald Trump’s Attorney Says New Congress Can Reinstate Ex-President After Midterms

Donald Trump’s 2020 election loss set off a domino-chain of promises, each offering a new, later, date at which his fans were assured there would finally be proof of the election fraud he falsely claimed, and that Trump could retain, or be ‘reinstated’ to the presidency. It never happened. The latest proposal comes from his attorney, and asserts that the only president to ever be impeached twice could be back in office two years after being removed.

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Christina Bobb, an attorney for Trump, told RightSideBroadcasting, a far-right network, that Trump still has a chance to be reinstated, if Republicans are successful in taking over both Houses of Congress in November. At that point, she claims, states can rescind their electoral votes from two years ago, and send new results to a GOP-led Congress, who can affirm his win.

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“They can withdraw their electors, or they can actually decide to award Trump electors, although I would anticipate they would probably just withdraw electors. But if that happens from three different states, three different resolutions, go into Congress…it’s a complicated issue. It would have to go into the U.S. Congress to decide whether they want to accept the resolutions, whether they want to act on them or not…You’d have to have the majority of three different legislatures to say, aw, you know what, we got it wrong, then Congress…I don’t know that this Congress would take action on it. However, after ’22, if we replace them, there might be, who knows.”

There continues to be no method in U.S. law for ‘reinstating’ a president who lost a re-election bid.

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