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WATCH: Donald Trump Told Documentary Filmmaker He Wanted To Run Election Lies By “BraveJudges”

WATCH: Donald Trump Told Documentary Filmmaker He Wanted To Run Election Lies By “BraveJudges”

Donald Trump is indefensible

Donald Trump never felt any remorse about the attack on Congress, says a documentary filmmaker who spent months following the then-president in advance of the January 6th attack. That’s not all — he reveals that Trump spoke to him about election issues and suggested that all that was needed was to run the claims by some “brave judges.”

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Throughout the weeks after Donald Trump’s 2020 loss, his allies took case after case to court, with one loss after another. Not one case gave any substantial victory or opportunity to change the outcome of the election, and in fact, his personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, ended up having his license to practice law suspended over bringing cases in bad faith, without any legitimate evidence of his claims.

However, Alex Holder, who filmed a documentary about Trump’s last months in office, and caught never-before-seen footage of January 6th, as well as interviews with Trump, his family, and his friends, says that the then-president insisted there was proof of election fraud, even after his Attorney General, Bill Barr, said there was no evidence of any fraud sufficient to alter the outcome of the election.

In fact, Holder says, Trump told him that all that was needed was a few “brave judges.”

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However, he also isn’t sure, based on his own experience with Trump, that there will be another presidential run. He says Trump rarely does the same thing twice, when he fails the first time, because Trump is “all about the brand” and does not want the Trump brand associated with failure.

“Association of word ‘Trump’ to failure is something he can’t accept, and his kids can’t accept. The idea that it may happen again, and he might fail again, is something that would be something he can’t accept.”

You can see Holder’s full Face The Nation interview on CBS here here, and his documentary series, Unprecedented, is now available on DiscoveryPlus.

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