WATCH: Donald Trump Thinks That Water Makes Magnets Stop Working

Last night, on the eve of the 3rd anniversary of the January 6th insurrection, Joe Biden addressed the country. He was forceful in his words, drawing parallels between himself and former President Donald Trump. 

Trump on the other hand, was giving a speech in Iowa. At one point, the Republican told his followers that we just have to get over the latest school shooting in the state. He also went on a strange rant concerning magnets. 

"I could tell you about the elevators on a tremendous carrier," he said.  "The Gerald Ford, and they decided not to use hydraulic like the John Deere tractor, they decided to use magnets, “we’re gonna use magnets!” to lift up the elevators with seven planes. We need them fast, these massive elevators. They used magnets, they wanted to try it for the first time. This was a ship that was supposed to cost 2.5 billion, it cost 19 billion and didn’t work, and still doesn’t work right."

The former President continued, "They had a $900 million cost over on these stupid electric catapults that didn’t work. They had almost a billion dollar cost over on the magnetic elevators. Think of it, magnets. Now all I know about magnets is this, give me a glass of water, let me drop it on the magnets, that’s the end of the magnets."

The two men are likely to face off in the national election this fall. Voters are going to have to choose between a candidate hoping to save democracy and one who doesn't understand how magnets work.