WATCH: Donald Trump Tells Voters About 'Non-Liquid Gold' Under Their Feet

Back in 2016 and again in 2020, Donald Trump has somewhat capable handlers while he was campaigning. Sure, he went off on some crazy tangents, but they were somewhat less common. In 2024, the former President's ramblings have gotten worse and worse as he only has stragglers still in his corner. 

Last night, Trump was in New Hampshire, celebrating after his win in the Iowa caucus. And since Iowa was on his mind, Trump decided to ramble about corn. 

Trump told supporters, "We have more liquid gold and wealth under our feet than any other nation. We have more liquid gold. Oil and gas. More liquid gold. Well, I just met non-liquid gold. You know where it was? Iowa. It’s called corn! They have– it’s non-liquid."

He continued, "I said, ‘Corn.’ They said, ‘We love that idea.’ You know, it’s a pretty cool thought, isn’t it? That’s a nickname in it’s own way but we came up with a new word for– a new couple of words for corn."

What Trump is referring to, in his strange way, is using corn to create ethanol which can then be used to power cars. The sale of ethanol is important to the economy of Iowa, but studies have shown that it is worse for the environment than gas and that as more ethanol is added to gasoline, the vehicles miles per gallon go down by between 15-27%.