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WATCH: Donald Trump Struggles to Breathe and Squirms in Pain

WATCH: Donald Trump Struggles to Breathe and Squirms in Pain

President Donald Trump struggled to breathe and squirmed in agony upon returning to the White House from Walter Reed Military Medical Center Monday evening.

Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

Trump spent the weekend hospitalized and receiving treatments – some of which were experimental – aimed at subduing the symptoms associated with the coronavirus. There is no cure, and a vaccine, if one is possible at all, is months away at best.

Videos posted to Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube show Trump – who is presumably still highly contagious – disembarking Marine One and then ascending the staircase to the Truman Balcony, where he proceeded to remove his mask and attempt to give reporters a photo-op.

But flushed, sweaty, and wheezing were probably not the triumphant visages the president was hoping to project to the world.

The obese 74-year-old commander in chief looked like he was dying.

Watch below:

Propaganda footage shared by the White House conveniently omitted showing Trump’s front side as he loomed over the South Lawn.

Shortly thereafter, Trump posted his own video to Twitter, in which he claimed – without providing any proof – that he “may be immune,” declared victory over the coronavirus, and urged the public to “not be afraid” of getting sick “because we have the best medical care and they’re all getting approved.”

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The sudden change in Trump’s appearance could be due to the aggressive drug regimen preventing the virus from eating him alive. One of the medications in particular is a powerful steroid called dexamethasone, used in only the most severe COVID-19 cases. The drug is well-known for its side effects, which include aggression, increased perspiration, pain, and psychosis.

What goes up must come down, however. Steroid withdrawal can be nasty. Usually, they are administered or prescribed for a limited time that includes a taper down or weaning period, where the dosage is gradually reduced, to prevent a crash.

If a constant inundation of performance enhacing substances is only thing propping up a naturally abrasive and erratic Trump, he may be in much worse shape than the administration and the media are letting on.

Serious questions need to be asked – now – about what the White House intends on doing if Trump weakens to the point that he cannot peform his duties or has to be placed on a ventilator, especially if he becomes incapacitated without having transferred power to Vice President Mike Pence, who is on-deck in the presidential line of succession.

  • What is Trump’s true condition?
  • How much time will be permitted to pass until Pence chooses to invoke the 25th Amendment?
  • How long will the public be kept in the dark?
  • Are there any responsible adults left in the West Wing?
  • How much damage could an angry, in denial, and petrified Trump inflict if and when he realizes his own mortality?
  • Does he still have unilateral authority over the codes to the mighty American nuclear arsenal?
  • What will it take for his solar system of sycophants – all of whom are too afraid to tell him ‘no’ – to stand up to him, if they are even capable of doing so at all?

The stakes could not be – and may never be – higher than they are right now.

Thirty days until the election.

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