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WATCH: Donald Trump Says January 6th Mob Was “Well-Behaved” & Biggest Crowd He’s Ever Addressed

WATCH: Donald Trump Says January 6th Mob Was “Well-Behaved” & Biggest Crowd He’s Ever Addressed

Donald Trump can’t seem to find a comfortable balance between denying any culpability for the actions of the January 6th mob, and boasting that he was the reason they all showed up. Even as the January 6th public hearings heat up and legal experts weigh in on the likelihood of the former president facing federal charges, he’s still using his social media and far-right news media to keep bragging about the crowd size, and repeating election lies.

WASHINGTON, DC – JANUARY 6: Scene outside the Capitol after Trump supporters breached the building in Washington, District of Columbia on January 6, 2021. (Photo by Bonnie Jo Mount/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Trump hasn’t been arrested, so perhaps nobody has let him know he has the right to remain silent. Instead of taking that opportunity, he seems determined to incriminate himself at every opportunity. Earlier this week, Representative Jamie Raskin (D-MD) weighed in on one speech Trump gave, in which he seemed to admit to pressuring Mike Pence to illegally subvert the election. Raskin said that Trump seemed to not only admit guilt, but declare his willingness to repeat the offense given an opportunity.

Monday night, Trump appeared on Newsmax for more of the same, this time boasting of the size of his January 6th mob and insisting they were “well-behaved.” In the clip below, he starts out by reiterating his complaint that the House Select Committee isn’t telling his “side.”

“Most importantly they don’t want to talk about the election results, because if they do, we win hands down. We have all the information, they refuse to talk about it. That’s why people went there on January 6th. I’m talking about the people that went there, and to also, listen to speeches. It was the largest group I think that I’ve ever seen or made a speech to. I’ve never seen anything like it. They were well-behaved. So many people. Nobody ever talks about that.”

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