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WATCH: Donald Trump Says He Wanted Cognitive Test To Stop Media, Dems, From Calling Him “Stupid”

WATCH: Donald Trump Says He Wanted Cognitive Test To Stop Media, Dems, From Calling Him “Stupid”

While Donald Trump was in office, he took a test typically given to screen for dementia and general mental decline. The official word is that he asked to take it, and got a perfect score. He can’t stop talking about it.

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During Trump’s presidency, he reportedly wanted to force satirists and comedians to stop making fun of him, to such an extent that he actually asked if the Justice Department could intervene on his behalf.

Now it sounds like he tried other methods, too, to stop hearing himself lampooned for his most ridiculous takes (like when he suggested injecting disinfectant or somehow putting light inside the human body to heal COVID-19 infections) and mildest foibles (covfefe anyone?) — including, apparently, expecting that he could actually convince the general public he’s smart and stable.

At his Saturday night rally, Trump admitted his real hope for the cognitive test: “I don’t like being called stupid.”

Of course, it’s also a “sir” story, in which his White House doctor, Ronny Jackson — who afterward left the position to run for the U.S. House on a MAGA platform — assures him that yes, “Sir, there is a test,” and proceeds to warn him that the cognitive test gets really difficult by the end.

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It’s not the first time Trump has told an audience how very difficult he found the test, which assesses memory and basic cognitive function, was for him. As a second clip below shows, he’s still highly focused on the part that requires a patient to remember five words several minutes after they are chosen.

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