WATCH: Donald Trump Jr. Wants Joe Biden Tested For Drugs

Donald Trump Jr. worked for the Trump Organization in some capacity before his Dad became President. Today, Trump Jr. is a Conservative personality who regularly makes and appears on other podcasts. 

During his videos, Trump Jr. can often seem wild and out of sorts, leading some to wonder if he is on drugs. At one point, Trump Jr. felt the need to respond to these accusations, claiming that he is just naturally energetic. 

The former President's son is more than willing to accuse others of being drug abusers, including Joe Biden. Trump Jr. made the comments during a recent broadcast with White House doctor-turned-congressman Ronny Jackson. 

Trump Jr. asked, "Can the American there a way that we can subpoena what... if they're giving him something to stay cognitive? To me... when I watch him, he doesn't do many, he gets up there for 45 minutes, one hour, two hours to speak. It's always very concise, curt and to the point."

He continued, "if it goes on for more than a few minutes, it starts to wear off. I mean, is there a way for the American people to find out, because I think we have a right to now,"

Of course, anyone who would compare Biden's speeches to Donald Trump's would see that its the 45th President who has more verbal gaffes.