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WATCH: Donald Trump Jr. Tries To Defend Joe Rogan With “Context” Argument

WATCH: Donald Trump Jr. Tries To Defend Joe Rogan With “Context” Argument

Apparently, Donald Trump Jr. thinks he can explain away all of Joe Rogan’s racist rhetoric with enough ‘context’ — by repeating the comedian’s claim that he was just quoting others. Unfortunately, while that may work for some of Rogan’s iterations of that particular word, it doesn’t really hold up on the whole.

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NBC reported this week on Rogan’s excusing of the compilation that’s going around in which he can be seen saying the n-slur dozens of times. The podcaster claimed that every time he used the word, he was just quoting someone else, and offering commentary — that he wasn’t being racist at all.

Trump Jr. apparently picked up on this excuse, without bothering to seek any context himself, and posted a rant in which he defends Rogan using “a bad word,” and blames “a Democratic Super PAC” for finding the clips, citing free speech, then trying to turn the whole thing into a dire warning that if listeners don’t defend Rogan, they’re at risk too.

Partial transcript:

“We’re gonna talk Joe Rogan and the controversy surrounding — really what appears to me to be the left’s attempted cancellation of him. He’s gotten too much power, he’s gotten too big of an audience, he doesn’t just blincly follow the narrative, and therefore, he must be eliminated…It’s literally a Democrat Super PAC and a company that works with them that went and found clips of him saying a bad word. Now, he’s not saying that bad word like cursing it at someone. He’s literally quoting someone using the word and talking about it. Okay, so there’s a difference…The answer is really this, guys. You never cave to the mob…I believe in free speech. I believe in our ability to say something and not simply get people canceled. So if you think he is in danger, just think what they can do to you or your loved ones for not complying…”

Of course, as we covered yesterday, it’s untrue that the MeidasTouch Super PAC or PatriotTakes created the clip — it has been floating around the internet since years before either was formed. There is speculation that Alex Jones may have had the clip compiled during his feud with Rogan — there are certainly other clips in which Jones showcased Rogan’s racist rhetoric during that time.

However, ultimately, it’s on the ‘just quoting’ and ‘context’ arguments that Trump Jr. (and Rogan himself) fail. There are far too many uses of the word in that clip to locate and vet each independently, and there’s no question that sometimes Rogan was quoting. For example, in this clip he quotes Mark Twain as he discusses Huckleberry Finn’s enslaved friend, Jim. However, those excuses don’t cover the clip below, for example, in which Rogan is listing slurs he can think of, and doesn’t say the n-word himself but gleefully prodding a guest to use it. That’s not a quote.

(Content warning for racial slurs)

It also doesn’t answer for other displays of racism from Rogan that don’t necessarily include the slur itself such as the clip below in which he refers to a neighborhood as “Planet of the Apes” because he says he didn’t see any white people there.

Ultimately though, even Rogan, in his apology video admits a few things: he says the video looks “f***ing horrible, even to me,” and while he still denies that he ever “used it to be racist,” he says, “It’s not my word to use. I’m well aware of that now.”

Then, of course, the apology is actually part of what Trump Jr. is complaining about in his rant.

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