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WATCH: Donald Trump Jr. Says Teaching “Rooted In The Bible” Doesn’t Work In Politics

WATCH: Donald Trump Jr. Says Teaching “Rooted In The Bible” Doesn’t Work In Politics

Right-wing extremists have a reputation for trying to force their religion into politics and codify it into law — but when it comes to actually living by those moral standards, Donald Trump Jr. says that doesn’t really work out for him. He even dismisses being proud of standing on one’s principles as a mistake, if it results in a political loss.

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Who had on their election cycle bingo card Donald Trump Jr. admitting that he considers winning more important than principles or running a fair race? Get your markers out, because here he goes. In the clip below, the former president’s son says the quiet part out loud as he makes it super clear that only winning matters, no matter what the cost.

“That’s the problem with so many Republicans…We also had those that are like, ‘We lost but we stood on principle!’I’m like, I don’t know. It’s not for me. Like, I understand sort of the ‘turn the other cheek’ mentality and how it’s rooted in the Bible, and I’m not sure that it’s worked, politically…We’ve been too friendly and too cordial.”

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So much for all those calls for civility in politics.

Meanwhile, the obvious elephant in the room is the 2020 election, where Team Trump lost a bid for the presidency, and did not “turn the other cheek” or “stand on principles” and accept the loss. Instead, they took a series of actions to try to negate the loss, and as a result, there are multiple investigations going on right now into the conduct of Donald Trump and his allies.

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