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WATCH: Donald Trump Jr. Is Sure Democrats Will Vote For His Dad In 2024

WATCH: Donald Trump Jr. Is Sure Democrats Will Vote For His Dad In 2024

In 2020, it wasn’t just Democrats who voted Donald Trump out of office. Independents and Republicans who were disgusted with his behavior also cast votes against him, and though he still had a lot of support, enough voters came together from all parties and backgrounds to keep him from retaining power. Now his son thinks that voters will do the same to Joe Biden in 2024, and that Trump will be the beneficiary of this wave.

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Having witnessed how voters come together across all parties when they’re unhappy enough with the damage done by the man in office, Donald Trump Jr. seems to think that Joe Biden is more deserving of that fate, that end to his presidency, than his father, the man who was impeached for trying to coerce a foreign power into digging up dirt on his political opponent through the threat of withholding aid, the man who downplayed a global pandemic while his people died.

Watch below as Trump Jr. explains what he expects from the 2024 election, in between long sniffs.

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“Honestly guys, I bet you a bunch of Democrats, blue-collar hard-working Democrats, that are getting crushed by these policies, are gonna come along too, because if you think it’s bad now, just wait until Joe Biden finishes the next three years. He’s only one year in. You think he’s gonna make it better? We may have to call on my big guy to get back in the game.”

Donald Trump has spent the past year hinting that he plans to run again in 2024, but refusing to make it official. However, behind the scenes he’s reportedly been demanding that his Congressional supporters simply place him back in office immediately.

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