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WATCH: Donald Trump Jr. Flips Out About Diversity & Inclusion “Creating A Real Drain”

WATCH: Donald Trump Jr. Flips Out About Diversity & Inclusion “Creating A Real Drain”

Kamala Harris Senate seat resignation

It’s been almost a week since Vice President Kamala Harris set off the collective pearl-clutching of the right wing by introducing herself descriptively at a roundtable on accessibility. That is, again, in a setting specifically focused on disabilities, such as, for example, blindness, she described herself as “a woman sitting at a table wearing a blue suit” — something that is a pretty basic accommodation for blind viewers. Donald Trump Jr. is still upset.

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Even in the midst of flipping out, he gives a nod to “the fact-checkers” and acknowledges exactly why VP Harris took the time out to explain herself, but still excuses himself and MAGA for being so upset, because, he claims, this is actually a regular thing for this administration, although he doesn’t give any other examples.

As he gets into it, he’s not shy about declaring exactly what he thinks the Biden Administration is doing that’s such a problem: diversity, inclusion, and equity.

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“For the fact-checkers I get it. They’re at a conference for disability, so they’ll somehow say that, you know, that’s why. And, fine. I’ll go with it. But. It ain’t the only time they’re doing this though. This pronoun thing is taking up real time, creating a real drain, and that’s what happens when your entire focus is, like, diversity, equity, inclusion, and critical race theory”.

Pronouns are typically a single syllable and don’t take very long to say. As for Critical Race Theory, it’s the far right, not the Biden Administration, who can’t seem to stop talking about that.

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