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WATCH: Donald Trump Is Still Boasting Of January 6th Attendance — And Defending His Role

WATCH: Donald Trump Is Still Boasting Of January 6th Attendance — And Defending His Role

One of the metrics Donald Trump has repeatedly used to measure his own success is crowd size. If he can draw a massive crowd, then he can declare himself superior. If he can’t — well, he’s been known to claim that he did anyway, with his inauguration in 2016 being a key example. However, when it comes to January’s attack on the Capitol, carried out by his supporters, boasting of the number of people he drew to D.C. that day might not be his best political move.

[Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images]

A House Select Committee is currently trying to get to the bottom of any role that Trump or his allies may have played in the attack, from Trump’s reported refusal to tell his fans to leave the Capitol Building (until he was pressured into doing so) to the planning meetings with rally organizers.

Still, Trump can’t seem to stop boasting about his role in getting so many people there to ‘protest’ the outcome of the election, and defending the day’s events as a response to “the real insurrection,” as he has described the November election that he lost.

Here he is joining Bill O’Reilly at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas, bragging about the size of the January 6th crowd and defending his actions that day.

“You know, this was a protest. You know what it was, it was a protest of a crooked rigged election. That’s all it was…You ever notice they don’t like to talk about crowd size?”

Two people in the Trump camp, his former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows (R-NC) and his advisor Steve Bannon, have now been referred for criminal charges for refusing to cooperate with the investigation.

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