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WATCH: Donald Trump Falsely Claims That he Was Given a Nobel Prize

WATCH: Donald Trump Falsely Claims That he Was Given a Nobel Prize

There are a lot of things about Barack Obama that bother Donald Trump. The president began his political career by going on a racist birther crusade. Trump has also spent much of his term trying to repeal Obama’s signature policy; the Affordable Care Act.

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But for some reason, nothing sticks in Trump’s craw more than the fact that Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. While Trump has been, dubiously, nominated for the award, he has never actually won it. On Sunday though, he told supporters in Londonberry, New Hampshire that he has.

Trump said to the raucous crowd, “We’re gonna have peace in the Middle East. What we’ve done is pretty amazing, but with Serbia, Kosovo, you know. So we signed a deal, they gave me a Nobel Prize for that. They gave me a Nobel Prize for something else.”

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The president later corrected himself, “They should give me a Nobel Prize for what I did in Syria. When I say Nobel Prize, nomination. I don’t know. You know, I don’t know. But with Serbia and now we have Armenia.”

Trump has never really been a serious contender for a Nobel Peace Prize. He was nominated by a far-right supporter who hails from Norway. The bar for nominating people is simple. The nominating person simply needs to be a head of state or a national politician.

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