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WATCH: Donald Trump Explains What’s Destroying America, And Yes, It’s Windmills

WATCH: Donald Trump Explains What’s Destroying America, And Yes, It’s Windmills

When Donald Trump says that wind is destructive and damaging, he’s not talking about the speeches he gives at his rallies. It’s sustainable energy he’s attacking, and of course, his dislike of windmills isn’t new. Still, in a phone interview, he went further, actually declaring wind energy to be evidence of the destruction of America.

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Check out the clip below, in which Donald Trump is speaking on Real America’s Voice, and describing how he feels environmentalists are damaging the United States by putting up an endless series of windmills.

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These climate extremists, they don’t get it, and they’re destroying our country with the windmills next to every house. If you look at what wind is doing to our once-beautiful fields, and our beautiful healthy eagles and birds, and it’s the most expensive form of energy. You don’t get anything more expensive. What’s happening to this country is shocking, its just shocking.

The U.S. Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy notes that wind energy can have expensive up-front costs, but that the costs of equipment have fallen significantly since their peak in 2008, and that using wind turbines can not only lower energy costs for consumers, but stabilize energy costs, as the prices aren’t as volatile as products like natural gas.

Still, Trump has a long-standing fear or hatred of windmills, even going so far as to claim that the sounds from the machinery can cause cancer. As VOX reports, he warned during his 2016 campaign that if Hillary Clinton was elected, wind would be the predominant source of energy in the U.S., and claimed that, as a result, people would not be able to watch television on nights when the wind wasn’t blowing.

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