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WATCH: Donald Trump Cuts Candace Owens Off As She Attempts To Sow Vaccine Doubt

WATCH: Donald Trump Cuts Candace Owens Off As She Attempts To Sow Vaccine Doubt

Donald Trump, who is still dangling a possible 2024 Presidential run over voters and donors, is walking a fine line on the matter of vaccination against COVID-19. He’s been booed by his fans for the line he’s currently taking, but in an interview with right-wing provocateur Candace Owens, he held that line firmly, pushing back when she tried to suggest there was reason to doubt the efficacy of the vaccines.

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE – AUGUST 16: Candace Owens is seen on set of “Candace” on August 16, 2021 in Nashville, Tennessee. The show will air on Tuesday, August 17, 2021. (Photo by Jason Davis/Getty Images)

Owens has made it very clear she’s not a fan of vaccine mandates, and has expressed distattes and distrust for the vaccines themselves. She’s even explicitly tweeted that the government and health officials are lying about the vaccines, which she says doesn’t work at all.

However, statistics continue to show that the unvaccinated are at the most risk of death from the virus, and Republican voters, by a significant margin, make up the majority of the unvaccinated. Trump’s COVID-19 denial strategies didn’t play well for him in 2020, and as he throws his support behind Republican candidates in the 2022 midterms and holds open the possibility of his own candidacy in 2024, he’s been saying positive things lately about vaccines.

In the clip above, he agrees with Owens about vaccine mandates being the wrong idea, but also cuts her off to affirm that the vaccines work and that most people getting severely ill are the unvaccinated (then of course takes the credit for the rapid development of those vaccines.)

Owens herself continues to push the narrative that new variants of the virus are actually just a cover-up of the failure of vaccines, rather than the way that viruses naturally evolve and change as they’re passed through the population.

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