WATCH: Donald Trump Claims Roe vs. Wade Allowed Babies to Be Killed After Birth

During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump has regularly interviewed with Sean Hannity. The Fox personality provides a safe space for Trump where he isn't asked hard questions and doesn't have to explain anything that he says. 

Last night provided an excellent example of that feature. The former President rambled about abortion saying that under Roe vs. Wade, women had the ability to kill babies after they were born. The Fox host, of course, provided no push back against Trump's lies. 

When discussing the poor performance by Republicans during the 2022 midterms, Hannity asked, "the issue of abortion, I think it played a very big part. They demagogued that issue in 2022, in the midterm, and I think it hurt Republicans. You took a strong stand on IVF. Where are you on that, and what is your message to other candidates, and where are you on abortion?"

Trump rambled, "We want that, we want people to help, we are on the side of women. Same thing on the abortion issue. The abortion issue, now, I’m for the exceptions like Ronald Reagan was for the exceptions."

The former President continued, "I think it’s a very important thing the exceptions. I also think that they are the radicals, because they will kill the baby in eight months, nine months. Under Roe v. Wade, they had the right to kill the baby after birth. I mean, literally, after birth in some cases."