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[WATCH] Don Winslow & Meidas Touch Release Scathing New Anti-GOP Videos

[WATCH] Don Winslow & Meidas Touch Release Scathing New Anti-GOP Videos

2020 was the year that campaign videos exploded on social media, their impacts making a difference in the real world as they jumped from Twitter feeds to billboards to coverage on cable news. Our friends at Meidas Touch even have their own show on Sirius XM after their amazing videos went viral. And our other friend Don Winslow has made a name for himself on Twitter with his own scathing videos, often accompanied by celebrities like Jeff Daniels doing the voiceover, or Bruce Springsteen lending a new song.

Now both Winslow and the Brothers Meislas have dropped new videos nearly side-by-side as they help usher out the last gasps of 2020 and fire up the Georgia voting base for the first big political contest of 2021. The Georgia Senate Runoffs are critical to flipping the Senate, and both of these new video bombshells set their sights firmly on those standing in the way. Winslow takes on the most reviled man in America, Mitch McConnell, in his video “#McConnellKillsSickLeave”.


Meidas Touch aims its lens at #RadicalKelly Loeffler, the unelected seatwarming Senator who dumped stocks and invested in body bags when she learned the coronavirus epidemic was going to be much worse than original predictions. 


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Meidas Touch is expanding its paid canvassers program on the ground in Georgia to win the Senate. Their paid canvassers make over $15 an hour and are provided PPE.

Please consider supporting this program here.

MeidasTouch is a progressive Democratic PAC founded by three brothers, all lifelong Democrats, Ben Meiselas (35), Brett Meiselas (30), and Jordan Meiselas (27)  during the quarantine.  Ben is an accomplished civil rights litigator, entertainment dealmaker, and nonprofit leader. Brett is an Emmy Award-winning video editor, and Jordan is a marketing supervisor. MeidasTouch has produced over 40 videos in the past three months averaging approximately 1.5 million views each.

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