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WATCH: Don Lemon Slams Trump For Reigniting Birthirism

WATCH: Don Lemon Slams Trump For Reigniting Birthirism

On Wednesday, Joe Biden announced that Kamala Harris would be he running mate. Since then, the Republican party has had difficulty figuring out the best way to attack her. The Trump campaign called her “phony” and accsused her of calling Joe Biden a racist, but that didn’t really land.

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It didn’t take Donald Trump long to fall back on his preferred method to attack any candidate of color; racism. During Thursday’s briefing, Trump refused to say that the American-born Harris was eligible to be the Vice President. During his nightly broadcast, Don Lemon ripped the president for again igniting a birthirism contorversy.

The CNN began the segment by asking his viewers, “What is going on? Birtherism now against Kamala Harris, Joe Biden’s vice presidential nominee who is a Black woman. Does that ring a bell to you?”

Lemon continued, “This man is so full of it, y’all. Come on. He knows better than that. He’s President of the United States. Shouldn’t he have a modicum of decency and class to just say, ‘Look, come on, let’s talk about something real. Lot of people have died from the coronavirus. That’s serious. Kamala Harris is on the vice presidential ticket. Move along.”

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The anchor closed the segment:

“Should I give it life or do I just ignore it because it’s so ridiculous? That’s exactly what they want is to elevate it so people are talking about it and, therefore, it becomes real. If you say it enough then it taints and it stains someone in a way that the shouldn’t be stained or tainted … A white man questioning a Black woman’s birthplace in America in 2020. No other words but disgusting and racist.”

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