[WATCH] Don Jr Supports Sr’s Claims of Biden Drug Abuse

In the wake of multiple scandals hitting their campaign, the Trump think-tank, already running on fumes for months, decided to attack Joe Biden’s calm demeanor by accusing him of taking drugs. Now Donald Trump, Jr, who’s had his own very public struggles with cocaine abuse, has decided to double down on his father’s baseless accusations in a new interview.

Ironically, Don Junior was dubbed “Cocaine Don” by Twitter after his eyes appeared red and leaky during his speech at the Republican National Convention. But the Trump camp is famous for its use of projection language, where every accusation is a confession about themselves.


Appearing on the right-wing Rubin Report on Friday, Don Jr frantically tries to erase the revelations from Bob Woodward’s tell-all book, which continues to dominate the week’s news cycle. In “Rage”, Woodward not only shares that Trump Sr not only understood very well how the deadly coronavirus was spread, but deliberately downplayed the numbers. Thursday’s release of more tapes also revealed details regarding the murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi. “I saved his ass,” Trump Senior clearly says in the clip.

Team Trump is having increased difficulty in sticking to their “Sleepy Joe stuck in the basement” narrative, as Joe Biden has been actively campaigning this week, ending with a somber appearance at September 11th memorials on Friday. Biden made it a point to not use the anniversary of the biggest terrorist attack on American soil for political gain, something that cannot be said about his opponent and other Trump surrogates.

Don Junior’s response is even more interesting when compared side-by-side to his father’s frantic body language from Thursday’s press conference, where the elder Trump was challenged about the Woodward tapes and blamed Woodward for his own response. Watch both Trumps trying to make the bad truths disappear, below.




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