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WATCH: Don Jr. Rips Into Lindsey Graham and Other ‘Weak’ RINO Lawmakers

WATCH: Don Jr. Rips Into Lindsey Graham and Other ‘Weak’ RINO Lawmakers

Over the last few weeks, it seems like the Republican party is slipping away from Donald Trump. One of the best examples of the change is Lindsey Graham’s willingness to split from Trump. The past weekend, the South Carolina senator critiqued Trump’s comments that he may pardon the January 6th insurrectionists.

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Graham’s sudden integrity resulted in an attack from the 45th President. And During a Thursday night interview with Newsmax, Donald Trump Jr. also took a shot at the South Carolina senator.

“We’re not condoning violence or anything like that, but the vast, vast, vast majority of the people in there, I believe, didn’t even know they were in there,” the former President’s son said. “They’re standing inside the velvet ropes taking selfies. If only these people — whether it’s Lindsey (Graham), whether it’s Mitch (McConnell) — were one-tenth as aggressive on the looters, rioters, murderers from BLM, and the other Antifa riots.”

Trump Jr. continued to attack Graham:

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“I think my father hit it right. I like Lindsey, I think he’s a funny guy, he’s got a good personality, but in the Senate, he’s a RINO. I like him personally, but in terms of government, he’s going to roll over every time, and that’s unfortunate because we’ll be right on the issues, and so many Republicans — the weak, establishment Republicans – will roll over each and every time. I think we need to elect people that won’t do that. Unfortunately, the Senate is filled with a lot of Republicans that way.”


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