[WATCH] Don Jr Pushes Conspiracy That Military Is Attacking US Citizens

Donald Trump, Jr., continues to be allowed to tweet despite his father’s permanent suspension, and therefore he’s taken up the mantle of being The Worst Person On Twitter. Recording rambling videos no one ever asked for, Uday always seems to be addled in some way that Twitter users are always happy to diagnose.

“Guys, what the hell is going on with our military this last week?” he asks in the new clip. “It’s been politicized like we’ve never seen before, but look at this — they’re literally attacking American civilians.”


He went on to complain about Fox News personality Tucker Carlson receiving pushback for his attacks on female service members before being 45 years off when estimating when Guam became a U.S. territory as he defended Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-GA).

Watch Jr’s full rant, if you can make it through:


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