WATCH: Dominion Spokesperson Says Mike Lindell is Begging to be Sued

Following the November election, friends of Donald Trump did everything to fight the results. Rudy Giuliani and a cadre of lawyers took his case to court. A number of Republican lawmakers fought the election results in the house and senate.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – OCTOBER 10: Mike Lindell, CEO of My Pillow, speaks during a campaign rally held by U.S. President Donald Trump at the Target Center on October 10, 2019 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Lindell is an outspoken supporter of the Trump presidency and his campaign for reelection. (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)

Trump also received cover from the hosts of Newsmax, OAN and Fox News. Dominion and Smartmatic, the companies who make voting machines, have taken the fight back to the television networks by filing lawsuits.

One person who hasn’t been named in that lawsuit, Mike Lindell, keeps pushing election lies. But that might not be the case for long. Over the weekend, a Dominion spokesperson told CNN that the My Pillow CEO is “begging to be sued.”

Michael Steel told Brian Stelter, “I’m not here to make news on that front. But let me say this Mike Lindell is begging to be sued and at some point we may well oblige him.”

Steel continued, “I think he’s trying to get ahead of the fact that he is spreading disinformation, spreading lies. This latest ‘documentary’ that he aired is nothing but the same old half-baked conspiracy theories repackaged. And the truth is catching up with him.”

Lindell does not seem to be concerned about the threats. The pillow magnate said in mid-January, “I welcome Dominion to sue me. I welcome it. Please. Please sue me… and then you can show us all about your machines.”

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