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WATCH: Dilbert Creator Says Trump’s Constant Typos Connect him to Voters

WATCH: Dilbert Creator Says Trump’s Constant Typos Connect him to Voters

Scott Adams rose to fame in the 1990’s thanks to his cartoon Dilbert, which satirized the modern American workplace. Today, Adams is perhaps best known as a frequent supporter of Donald Trump. The cartoonist claims that his support for the President has had a significant effect on his earning power.

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That doesn’t stop Adams, however, from regularly appearing on Fox News programs and taking about Trump. On Tuesday morning he appeared on Fox and Friends to discuss the President’s use of Twitter. In a fawning segment, the cartoonist said that Trump’s frequent typos help connect him to potential voters.

Trump’s typo’s have often become topics of conversation and objects of ridicule. His “covfefe” tweet had Americans wondering just what he was talking about. He also bragged about serving the National Champion Clemson football team, “hamberders.”

According to Adams, these kinds of mistakes are just a part of Trump’s general charm. He told Fox that Twitter, “bonded the public to him without the middle man,” and that historians will think, “that tweeting was a really good idea.”

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The cartoonist continued by saying, “Even the typos end up working in his favor because you know he wrote it. That makes it feel personal and you feel connected to your leader in a way we never have before.”

You can watch a clip of Adams Fox & Friends interview here, courtesy of Fox News:

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