WATCH: Diamond and Silk Think Military Should Have Removed Biden After He Tripped on the Stairs

Since he’s been in office, Joe Biden has passed an incredibly popular stimulus package. Americans are also getting vaccinated at incredible rates. While Biden’s administration had hoped to administer 100 million vaccine shots in their first 100 days, they’ve since revised that number to 200 million.

Via Shealah Craighead / NBC News

But you didn’t hear any of these figures in Conservative media this week. Instead they’ve decided to focus on the fact that Biden tripped while climbing the stairs of Air Force One. Newsmax invited Diamond and Silk on to talk about the incident. The duo agreed that the military should step in and remove Biden from office.

The pair might have been too controversial for Fox News, but that didn’t stop Newsmax. Diamond told host David Brody, “Biden probably won’t even last four years. Any time you trip walking up the stairs–that looks like a cognitive problem to me.” said Diamond. “So he probably won’t even make it four years.”

The Conservative pundit continued, “Listen, I wish that the military would step in and take over. These people are going to bankrupt this whole country! And have us living in danger and a disaster.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

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