WATCH: Diamond and Silk Say They Resent Billionaires “Buying Elections”

Shortly after Donald Trump became President, billionaire Tom Steyer entered the American consciousness. The founder of Farallon Capital Management has spent millions of dollars pushing for the impeachment of the President. He entered the race for the Democratic nomination in July of 2019.

Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call

While Steyer has, for the most part, polled at the back of the race, he recently saw a surge in interest. A recent Fox News poll showed him at second place in the South Carolina primaries. Fox and Friends invited Diamond and Silk on to discuss his candidacy. The duo told the hosts that they resent a billionaire attempting to “buy an election.”

The commentators were asked by host Steve Doocy, “You’re not billionaires, right? But do you resent them?”

Diamond answered, “I don’t resent billionaires, but what I do resent is them trying to buy an election. Now Tom Steyer might surge to the top and he may spend all the money he wanna spend, but he will never be able to beat President Donald J. Trump. Let’s make that clear. And another thing, let’s not get this twisted, how could he lead if he can’t even follow?”

The pundit continued, “I don’t even know how he’s going to get the black vote. Because we have to remember how he made those billions, by investing in private prisons. So it’s going to be a no from us when it comes to Tom Steyer. We’re going to stick with President Donald J. Trump.”

Watch clips of the segment below, courtesy of Fox News:

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