WATCH: Diamond and Silk Call Cuomo, Newsom “Slave-Masters” Over COVID Restrictions

Diamond and Silk are a video blogging duo who gained prominence under Donald Trump. The president was happy to have any semblance of African American support. And the pair were used not only as surrogates on cable news, but on the campaign trail as well.

Via Shealah Craighead / NBC News

That is, until their views became too toxic. Diamond and Silk were removed from Fox television after consistently spreading misinformation about COVID-19. Burgeoning Fox competitor Newsmax quickly snapped them up. And the duo was back Saturday night calling Andrew Cuomo and Gavin Newsom “slave masters” over coronavirus restrictions.

Lynette Hardaway (Diamond), began by asking, “Why are we locking these states down here for a virus with a 99 percent recovery rate. And I’m sorry I’m glad that you mention the Democrat party, which to me is the party of slavery.” Silk nodded along.

Diamond (who does the vast majority of the talking), continued, “These two governors [Cuomo and Newsom] are acting like tyranny dictators; they’re acting like slave masters. See, back during the days of you had the slavemasters split people up, they would put the dark people in the field and the light people in the house.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Newsmax:


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