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WATCH: Devin Nunes Says That Anti-Racist Democrats Are “Against White People”

WATCH: Devin Nunes Says That Anti-Racist Democrats Are “Against White People”

Devin Nunes, from California’s district, is now one of America’s best known lawmakers. He’s not necessarily known, however, for the best reasons. One could say Nunes is most famous for suing a cow from Twitter.

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The California Rep. also likes to talk about how badly Conservatives have been censored from airing their true feelings. Nunes got on one of these types of rants during a Sunday appearance on Fox News. The congressman told Maria Bartiromo that Democrats who are against racism are also against white people.

The conversation began when Bartiromo asked the lawmaker about the Mueller Investigation. “I think the question is, does Mueller know where Mueller is,” Nunes asked. “This was somebody who was put up as an avatar to give credibility to this investigation that was phony from the beginning I’m not sure he knows what the hell is going on.”

Nunes then began to rail against Democrats. He continued, “Look, the Democratic Party, it’s very odd for a party that seems to be against white people and always talking about racism, they sure like to prop up these avatar old white dudes. They have one running for president right now who’s hiding in his basement.”

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Watch a video of the congressman’s comments below courtesy of Fox News:


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