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WATCH: Devin Nunes Claims Republicans Can’t Communicate Without Parler

WATCH: Devin Nunes Claims Republicans Can’t Communicate Without Parler

Representative Devin Nunes has claimed, on a national television news station, available on cable, satellite, and internet, that without the social media site Parler, he’ll have no way to get a message to his constituents and supporters.

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In the Fox News clip below, Nunes complains about loss of access to the social media site Parler. Parler has been branded as a free speech haven, where people booted from Twitter and Facebook for violating their terms of service can retreat. However, the app has been booted off of Google and Apple’s appstores, and now, according to Buzzfeed, Amazon’s web hosting will no longer provide services to the site. At the time of this writing, the site is still up. However, if they can’t find another hosting service, it won’t be for long.

With no apparent sense of irony, Nunes claims on national television in an age of smartphones and free public wifi, that he’ll have no way to communicate with his constituents and followers if Parler is taken down, and that Republicans will have no way to communicate together.

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Notably, a majority of Republican elected officials still have and maintain Twitter and/or Facebook accounts. Elected officials have websites — here is the blog on Nunes’ official house.gov site, where he last posted a mass communication to his constituents on December 19th.

Even those few who have been kicked off of social media for posting content that violates the terms of service still have ways of reaching their constituents. President Donald Trump, for instance, can access a press room without leaving the building where he currently lives, and have his message broadcast live within minutes. There are still, even as he’s accused of inciting insurrection, news stations that would take his phone call and air it without question or hesitation.

Parler, in particular, hosted many communications planning the attack on the Capitol building — and as such, is facing a lot of scrutiny.

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