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WATCH: Devin Nunes Can’t Say When Social Site Will Launch But Promises “Safe Place” For Trumpers

WATCH: Devin Nunes Can’t Say When Social Site Will Launch But Promises “Safe Place” For Trumpers

Donald Trump has expressed an intention to launch his own media site since he was kicked off Twitter and Facebook over a year ago. Like some of his other promises, this one, too, has continually been put off to newer, later dates. Now he’s got former Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) on the job, and doing PR.

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Nunes appeared on Fox News to talk about the site, but couldn’t state a launch date, only promising it would be “for sure…by the end of this quarter.” What he could say about it, though, seemed to mirror a phrase long used by conservatives to attack the left and marginalized groups: the “safe space.”

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Marginalized groups have been derided by conservatives for seeking “safe spaces” where, for instance, their gender identity or sexuality wouldn’t be open to attack. Yet Nunes seems to unconsciously mirror this as he describes the Trump media project as a “safe place” where the right can use their preferred rhetoric and promote their views without consequences.

Starting new social sites must not be quite as easy as some conservatives expected however — Donald Trump has promoted the idea that he would do so for a while now, instead launching a personal blog that he later halted. His isn’t the only so-called social site that’s not quite been what it was promoted as — Mike Lindell’s FrankSpeech never quite got around to launching a social media platform either.

Meanwhile, Trump has been reduced to making his statements off-site, which some of his surrogates then post to Twitter on his behalf.

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