WATCH: “Destroy Them!” Parents Direct Kids To Burn Masks At Idaho Capitol Building

COVID-19 denial isn’t going anywhere. While former President Donald Trump has been credited with being the ultimate source of misinformation on the pandemic, even with him out of office, conspiracy theories and denialism continue to spread. In Idaho Saturday, this was visible in the form of a mask-burning rally.

[Photo by Nathan Howard/Getty Images]

According to KIDO Talk Radio, the rally held on the State Capitol steps in Boise, Idaho, was about 150 people strong, and included protest signs such as “Freedom is the cure” and “Joe Biden is not my President.” One of the organizers was Darr Moon, husband of State Representative Dorothy Moon.

Reporter Sergio Olmos captured numerous video clips at the event, including of parents encouraging children to throw masks in the fire, of Moon explaining his views, and of protestors ignoring police and demanding law enforcement leave them alone when asked to put out the fire. You can see several of his clips below.

Mask-burning has become iconic for anti-maskers and COVID denialists. These have taken place around the nation. WPTV reported on one held in Florida in October of last year, for example. In California, the San Clemente Times reported that a similar event was held on the beach in November, with a countdown to burning time, and plenty of Trump flags and MAGA hats, despite the election having been decided for Joe Biden by that date. An event at the Wyoming Capitol was held in January, according to the Wyoming News, brought to an end quickly by Capitol Security when protestors began soaking masks in hand sanitizer and lighting them on the ground.

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