WATCH: Despite Having 1 in 500 South Dakotans Die, GOP Governor Kristi Noem Lauds COVID Effort

With Donald Trump in office at the outset of the disease, there was no real federal response to COVID-19. States were left to push through their own protocols to protect their people. No state has been more reckless than South Dakota and that recklessness is shown in their death rate.

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Still, Governor Kristi Noem, who allowed a motorcycle rally to be held in her state over the summer, thinks she’s doing a great job. On Tuesday night, Noem bragged to Laura Ingraham about her coronavirus effort.

“In South Dakota, we just took a very different path,” she told the Fox host. “We knew the science told us we couldn’t stop the virus. We could slow it down and protect people who might be vulnerable and make sure we have enough hospital capacity to take care of those who need it, but that we would do it together and allow people to be flexible to take care of their families and put food on the table.”

Bloomberg’s Steven Dennis tweeted in late January, “South Dakota hits NEW COVID milestone: ~1 out of every 500 residents dead.”

Noem and Ingraham were also critical of the death rates in New Jersey and New York. Those states experienced most of their COVID deaths in the early days of the virus before using social distancing protocols to beat the virus back.

As Dennis notes in another tweet, “South Dakota’s COVID deaths have more than tripled since early November.”

Watch a clip of the Noem and Ingraham’s conversation below:

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