WATCH: Desperate DeSantis Asks Sean Hannity to Set Up Debate Between Him and Trump

There was a time when the Republican nomination race between Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis was supposed to be a real fight. That fight hasn't materialized. Republicans across the country seem to have soured on the Florida Governor once they got to know him and he is trailing Trump in most polls by 30 to 40 points. 

Fox News hasn't given up on DeSantis just yet and he regularly appears on Sean Hannity's show. Hannity recently hosted a debate between DeSantis and Gavin Newsom and now the Florida Governor is hungry for more. 

DeSantis told the host, "Well, Sean, I don’t think we’ve spoken since that debate, and the reaction that I’ve gotten has been incredible in terms of obviously being able to show that freedom works and the California models of failure, what that means for the country. But people appreciated the way you set it up, and they said it was the most substantive debate that they’ve seen in this entire election cycle, and so kudos to you for doing it."

The Florida Governor then requested, "So I’m glad we were able to get that done, and just know if you want to do other debates — Nikki Haley and me, I’m in, Donald Trump, and me, I’m in — so just say the word. You’ve shown that you can do it in a way that I think really helps the voters. So I’m game. Just let me know."

At this point, Trump basically pretends that DeSantis doesn't even exist. So the idea of him agreeing to debate his one-time rival is pretty far fetched.