WATCH: DeSantis Says Gyms Should Stay Open Because They’re Good Defense Against COVID

In the last month, Arizona, Texas and Florida have all seen a concerning rise in COVID cases, hospitalizations and deaths. Arizona and Texas have both taken steps to encourage mask use and lock-down hot spots like bars. Florida has been resistant to place any more restrictions on the state.

Photo by Paul Hennessy/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who took a victory lap over defeating the virus 2 months ago, has repeatedly said he does not want to lock-down the state.  He’s also given reasons why businesses considered to be dangerous by the CDC need to stay open. Gyms, according to the Governor should be available because they provide a defense against the illness.

DeSantis told reporters on Friday:

“In terms of the gyms, we’ve not had a lot of problems with that and so, that’s not something that I’m going to close. Partially because if you look — you talk to any physician — particularly the people that are under 50, if you’re in good shape, you know, you have a very, very low likelihood of ending up in significant condition as a result of the coronavirus.”

The Governor continued, “I mean, the people that they’re seeing in there have overwhelmingly uncontrolled comorbidities, a lot of folks have hypertension, diabetes, are very morbidly obese. And so, I think, taking that option away for people to be healthy just doesn’t make sense.”

Watch a video clip of the Florida Governor’s comments below:

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