WATCH: Dem Strategist Explodes on Fox’s Faulker For Questioning Biden’s Mental Acuity

In the run-up to the November election, Donald Trump repeatedly questioned Joe Biden’s mental capacity. The strategy, however, turned out to be a failure. Biden proved his mental strength, besting Trump both times a debate was held.

Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Republicans moved onto different attacks on Biden, most notably targeting his son, Hunter. Those didn’t work either as Biden handily defeated Trump. Now that Biden is soon to become president, though, Fox News is again attacking Biden’s mental acuity. This didn’t go over too well for Harris Faulkner on Wednesday as Brad Woodhouse took her to task for her claims.

The Fox host played a series of clips featuring what she called Biden’s gaffes. The Democratic strategist asked, “What are we doing? Are we making fun of somebody who has had a lifelong stutter?”

Faulkner responded by saying that she has family members with a stutter. She continued, “There are questions about whether or not he is present in those moments.”

Woodhouse again went on the attack. “You can’t be serious! You can’t be serious that you’re trying to talk about his mental acuity.”

The Fox host backtracked, saying this is just what other people have been saying. “Those people are up to no good,” the strategist responded. “He was present enough to defeat Donald Trump in every single debate and defeat him in the polls so I think he’s present enough to be president of the United States.”

Watch a clip of the exchange below, courtesy of the Fox News network:


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