WATCH: Dem. Rep. Tim Ryan Blasts GOP Over Stimulus Bill

There are currently 36 million Americans unemployed. On top of that, millions more are working fewer hours for reduced pay. And for many, the $1200 stimulus payment recently sent out is already gone.

Scott Eisen/Getty Images

The House passed a bill on Friday that aims to give relief to individuals, small businesses and hospitals. Republicans have shown no interest on passing the bill through the senate and Donald Trump has called it, “dead on arrival.” Congressman Tim Ryan blasted the GOP for their opposition to the bill during a stirring Friday floor speech.

The former Presidential candidate began by saying, “I’ve got to tell you, this is absolutely unbelievable.”

The Ohio congressman continued, “Global pandemic. 36 million people unemployed! 40 percent of families who have a worker that makes $40,000 a year or less lose their job last month! 4 million people didn’t want to pay their rent! And the Republican party says we don’t have any money to help you! Are you kidding me?!”

Ryan ended his rant, “Where do you guys live?! Food lines around the blocks at our food banks in the United States in America! One in five kids are going hungry! Your party can’t even get food to ’em!”

Watch a video of Ryan’s speech below:




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