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WATCH: Dem. Rep Ruben Gallego Says Kevin McCarthy is Even Dumber Than Ted Cruz

WATCH: Dem. Rep Ruben Gallego Says Kevin McCarthy is Even Dumber Than Ted Cruz

In a typical week, extreme Republicans like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert dominate the news cycle. But this week, it was all about Ted Cruz. This week, the Texas senator debased himself by groveling to Tucker Carlson and his viewers.

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However, Ruben Gallego doesn’t want people to forget about Kevin McCarthy. According to the Arizona Rep., the House Minority Leader is just a dumber version of Cruz.

Gallego made the comments during a Friday night appearance on MSNBC. He told host Chris Hayes, “I’ve been in politics now for probably ten years, and it’s just not worth it. It’s not worth selling out your family like he (Cruz) did when he sold out his dad and his wife. It’s not worth selling your own soul, especially for someone like Donald Trump. And to grovel at the knees of someone like Tucker Carlson, it’s definitely not worth it.”

Hayes then asked about McCarthy, saying he is similar to the Texas Republican. Gallego answered:

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“Kevin McCarthy is Ted Cruz but just not as smart. He’s the dumber version of Ted Cruz, still an empty shell of a human being, just as craven of a politician, but just not as smart. He’ll do anything to become speaker of the House. He’ll align himself with QAnon crazies, Matt Gaetz— who is pretty close at some point to hopefully being indicted for being a pedophile. This is the type of person that he is, and he’ll do it because he wants that title of speaker of the House.”

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