WATCH: Dem Rep Maloney Talks About How Gleeful Republicans Were During Insurrection and Points Out the Rep. who was Downright Giddy

Following the events of January 6th, most Republicans said the right thing. They remarked that the perpetrators should be punished. And that they would be willing to get to the bottom of the matter.

Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call

Then they totally changed their minds. Most GOP lawmakers have done whatever the could to shut down any kind of investigation. During an interview with Nicolle Wallace on Thursday night, Sean Patrick Maloney described the behavior of his Republican colleagues that day.

The New York congressman began, “Let’s just get the facts, right? I don’t think we need to get ahead of ourselves. But look, I was there, I was on the House floor, I was at that undisclosed location with a bunch of Republicans who were – one in particular who was gleeful at what was transpiring outside. It took me a minute to understand why she was having such a good time. But I saw it. I saw it with her staff who caught up with her. They were excited about what was going on. They had been at the White House, I believe, the day before talking about what was going to happen. I mean, it’s not really a mystery when Mo Brooks is down at the rally, whipping up the crowd and pointing them towards the capitol, I believe, with a bulletproof vest on.”

The host followed by asking if Maloney could name the Rep. who was giddy. “I don’t want to say, but her initials are Marjorie Taylor Greene,” he responded.

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