WATCH: Dem. Rep Garcia Speaks on House Floor in Front of Giant Photo of Trump Sleeping

Last night, Congress held a House Oversight Committee meeting, which was a bit of a disaster. There were fights between Democrats and Republicans and frequent outbursts from Marjorie Taylor Greene. There were also really humorous moments as well. 

During his time to speak, Democratic Congressman Robert Garcia brought a prop; a giant picture of Trump sleeping. And the California lawmaker used his time to talk about the constant reports about the former President falling asleep during his New York City Trial. 

Garcia began, "Donald Trump. Now let’s look at public reporting. I’m only going to talk about public reporting. His criminal trial started on April 15th. And here’s a summary of the press reports. On his first day of his trial, Reuters reported that Trump appeared to doze off during jury selection."

The lawmaker continued: 

"On April 16th, it was reported that Trump dropped his head inside the courtroom, keeping his eyes closed before jolting his head up right on April 19th, The New York Times reported. Trump’s eyes remain, quote, closed for extended periods during the final day of jury selection on April 22nd, MSNBC reported that Trump’s lawyers were fighting to keep him awake. On April 30th, NBC in The New York Times reported that Trump nodded off for significant portions of witness testimony and, as we all know, basically kept his eyes closed for hours and hours on end on May 9th. Trump’s eyes remained closed for many minutes, and Trump later, of course, those on and off. And the reports go on and on. May 13th, Trump with a quote a sleep. During the afternoon session on May 14th, Politico reported that Trump slouched in his seat and closes out. He closed his eyes and his mouth. Now here we have a photo of Donald Trump, of course, through some of his trial."