WATCH: Dem. Rep Explains How Mike Johnson Snubbed the Kenyan President

As the Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson is one of the most powerful people in Washington, D.C. But Johnson is only there because Donald Trump wants him to be his lackey. Despite a Republican majority in the House, Johnson has no legislative victories. 

This week, Johnson had the opportunity to invite Kenyan President William Ruto to speak to Congress while on a visit to Washington DC, but failed to do so. Dem. Rep. Gregory Meeks blasted Johnson over the decision during a Friday morning appearance on CNN. 

Meeks told host John Berman, "I'm very upset with Speaker Johnson because of his snub of President Ruto last night, he's the first African head of state to be here and almost 18 years so since anyone has been able to address the full session of Congress and to have him snub him the way that he just shows disrespect I think of an African nation."

The New York Democrat continued:

"As you see, all others that have come have been honored with reference to being at a joint session of Congress. So for the speaker to make this announcement even while president Ruto is here and snubbed him, just seems to me that Speaker Johnson just playing political games here."