WATCH: Dem. Rep Dingell Tears Into Trump's 'Pathetic' Christmas Message

Donald Trump regularly takes the occasion of a holiday to tear into his political opponent. This Christmas was no different. The former President, took to Truth Social to tear into his critics. Trump declared that he hoped that his opposition, "rots in hell."

During an appearance on CNN, Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Dingell was asked to respond to the former president's words. The Michigan lawmaker did not hold back in her criticism of the Republican. 

When asked about her response to his attacks, she said, "They’re deteriorating and they’re getting worse … Quite frankly, I’m going to tell you that I think it was one of the most pathetic Christmas greetings I’ve heard when a former president of the United States who wants to return tells people on Christmas Day that they ‘can rot in hell.'"

Speaking about the results of her previous criticism of Trump, Dingell said:

Yes, I have had people, and after he went after me, and quite frankly, there were men outside of my house with assault weapons, and I have had threats, but it is hate and division [that] are creeping into our communities far too easily. Violence is becoming normalized. Every last one of us has to stand up. We can disagree civilly; we need to respect every human being with dignity."